Why laughter is good

Many people have been curious about whether laughter is actually good for you or not – does the funny humour work? And if so, how come it is? It seems rather funny how a simple thing like laughing, can have a positive impact on your life. Well, it turns out that it is actually good to laugh for multiple reasons. So if anyone has ever said you make too many jokes, you can say you just want to keep them happy and healthy. Laughter has a positive impact on your life.

A positive impact on your life

If you are considered the jokester of your friend group or your family, you actually have a positive impact on their lives. Why? You might ask. It turns out that a good laugh can be healthy for you. This is because laughing relieves physical tension and it can help relieve stress. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Often after you’ve been with a friend or someone you really care about, and you’ve been laughing. You feel better – it makes you happier.

Not only does it make you happier it can also help reduce minor pains or body aches. Obviously, this is not going to remove it, but it can help. Furthermore, laughing can also help you build up your pain tolerance. So if you are sore after a workout, put on your favourite comedy and get ready to laugh the pain away. It’s wild to think that a simple, good and healthy laugh can have so many benefits. However, there is more.

Due to the fact that it helps relieve stress, it also helps you to improve your mood, and overall increase a feeling of positivity in your life. Laughter can also improve your general mental health. The rate of depression is lower, if you laugh more. So, the next time, someone tells you to calm down with the jokes, or says your humour is too funny. Just let them know you are helping them feel better in life. You are sparing them from depression and helping them reduce their stress and anxiety levels.

There are many reasons for why laughter is good for you, even if the simple thought of that makes you chuckle or smile, just know, that also helps you. Laughter, as funny as it sounds, is good for you, your health and your life.

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